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INTRO VIDEO- BrittanyLiving/Sneak peak of our new house!

To check out a sneak peak of my new house.. visit my instagram: @BrittanyMotivational. The video is up as my most recent post!




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Taking a leap.....Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my Blog! ....From GLAMMEGURL to BrittanyLiving. For many of you who have been following along, you may know me on instagram as @glammegurl. I started my page a few years ago with the interest of fashion, online boutiques, and beauty. As time progressed, it started to evolve into other passions of mine.. hello fitness, health, and nutrition posts! I am so appreciative of all the support I have gained throughout these years.. which is why I had such a hard time with acknowledging that my handle no longer compliments my page. I feel like it has been confusing to followers and caused my growth to become a little stagnant as my posts started to evolve away from the fashion/beauty focus. I made the (tough) decision to change the name of my handle to reflect more of what I'm posting. As much as I loved my handle GLAMMEGURL.. it no longer fits. So with that being said... Welcome to the new @BrittanyMotivational handle and blog. I chose this name because it seems m…

Does anyone else let their dog pick out their own treat?!

So we are totally obsessed with our 5lb maltipoo, Montie.  You may have read about him in one of my earlier posts.. well here's proof that he is so beyond spoiled and lives the best little fur life.

Watch the video of Montie here: